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We are here to help you DIY your wedding, add those finishing touches and pay attention to detail. With our decor, gifts & favours you will be able to style your wedding the way you want it.

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“Sadie is amazing and the boxes are exactly how I imagined. A lovely touch for our wedding! Thank you so much. Perfect!!!”

“I ordered one of these for my Dad and the groom. The soon to be groom loves his and I can’t wait to give my dad his on our wedding day. These are beautifully made.”

“My fiancé and I bought these personalised candles and shot glasses as gifts for our wedding party. We are SO happy with the products that arrived and can’t wait for our guests to see them. The seller was also extremely helpful and kindly shipped all the items together for us (as we made several orders) so save us shipping costs. We will definitely order again!”

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Why Should I Scent My Wedding?

Why Should I Scent My Wedding?

  Scenting an event is a luxury and some may think an unnecessary cost to an already expensive event, so why should you scent your wedding? It has been said that invoking all five senses creates a memorable event and that includes the scent of the occasion. Scent...

Healthy (ish) Hen Party Ideas

Healthy (ish) Hen Party Ideas

When you hear the words “hen party” I’m sure most of you picture a group of ladies, trying to hold each other up, in matching sashes with a trashy crown and veil on the bride-to-be. However, in this day and age, where looking after your health is all the hype, I...

The Wedding Decor Checklist

The Wedding Decor Checklist

This could be the most challenging part of a wedding to organise. For some reason, the way you imagine it to look and how it actually looks in reality never quite tally up; unless you are well organised. However, how an event is styled will be the first impression for all that attends.

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