About UB


Unchained Bride the daughter of Made by … Nook.

Unchained Bride was set up by Sadie Baldwin, the daughter of Kevan Baldwin, founder of Made by … Nook. Sadie is undoubtedly following in her father’s artistic footsteps.

Her aptitude to see the beauty in imperfections Sadie’s vision was to create a whimsical rustic brand and make a bride’s planning easier from “she said yes” to “I do”.

A force to be reckoned with, Sadie and Kevan throw caution to the wind to create unique and unusual concepts to set your wedding apart from the rest.

Fiercely individual, almost every item designed and handcrafted can be customised to suit you.

UB and Made by … Nook work hand-in-hand using Kevan’s skills, creativity and craftmanship with Sadie’s vision, feminine touch and personal approach to help create a custom-made wedding with custom-made premium quality products.

At Unchained Bride we reject tradition and embrace individuality and originality. Your wedding is your day to celebrate your love and personal style.

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