Bar Cart



This is a stunning handcrafted bar cart from Made by … Nook – the famous wooden cart makers. This cart is designed to serve alcohol at a wedding or event.

Candy Carts, Sweet Carts, Display Barrows, Market Stalls; whatever you want to call them they are a show stopper at any wedding or event and represent the fashionable rustic look.

The bar cart can be made to your specification and business needs, for a bespoke quote give us a call or send a quick e-mail and we will be in touch.

The wedding carts are made from solid wood & are as sturdy as an Ox. They have been supplied to a variety of high profile customers including Harrods, Moyses Stevens, Royal Ascot and starred in many TV programmes and films.

The wedding carts are crafted with precision, creativity & style. Made by … Nook has a designated design team that work solely on display carts.

The wedding carts have wheels that turn to make them easy to move & are transported in 3 parts, making them easy to assemble.

The bar cart can be painted, stained, varnished & waxed. If you have a commercial design or colour scheme that you are seeking to achieve, get in touch. The more extravagant the better, our design team love to get creative.

This bar cart has two plastic tubs in the centre that can be filled with ice and alcohol sits inside nicely. Once finished the tubs can lift out and be easily emptied.

The panels on the side light up. You can have the colour rotating or static on a colour of your choice (there is a classic white & champagne colour). The window panels can be engraved with any drink of your choice and personalised with a logo or lettering at an additional cost.

Size: Width: 100cm Length: 150cm

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